Doctor Found Dead With Knife in Torso, Cops Rule “Suicide”

Doctor Found Dead With Knife in Torso, Cops Rule “Suicide”

During the 2016 Presidential election, one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters was the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, she stayed coy claiming the pharmaceutical industry was one of her “biggest enemies”. But, that didn’t stop her “enemy” from keeping the money rolling into the Clinton Crime Family Don.

Over the years whispers and murmurs that big money pharmaceutical companies were purposefully withholding medical breakthroughs and natural medicine to keep their cash cow running have escalated to a full-blown scream as more and more medical researchers and holistic doctors were found dead by “suicide” in unusual circumstances.

Two doctors from the same hospital have been found dead by “suicide” just days apart. Both these doctors were internationally renowned experts, with one on the verge of a breakthrough for treating cancer. Nonetheless, both were found to have “suicide” themselves under suspicious circumstances in the span of 72 hours.

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