Disturbing: BLM Rioters Pick Their Targets

Disturbing: BLM Rioters Pick Their Targets

A criminal black man who ran from police while carrying a semi-automatic gun, was shot by the Milwaukee police who feared for their lives.  The twenty-three-year-old had a lengthy criminal record and refused to follow orders when pulled over for a traffic stop.  The gun he was carrying had been used in a robbery.  The guy was far from innocent.

Even the Democratic Mayor, in a press conference, said that the police were in danger because Sylville Smith had a gun in his hand, but this doesn’t matter to the Black Lives Matter movement, they want blood and ‘retribution’.

In their hate, BLM rioters began destroying property, burning down a gas station and threatening white people.  The level of rage in crowd of people is disconcerting as they chanted, “Black Power!” and looked for white people to attack.

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