Diseases Wiped Out Decades Ago Reappear In US

Diseases Wiped Out Decades Ago Reappear In US

A sudden upswing in diseases long thought to be dead makes it clear that something is very wrong in America.

Thanks to stunning advances in medicine and science, we have been able to eliminate dozens of deadly ailments from society, saving thousands of lives in the process. But in spite of these tremendous strides in health, diseases like E. coli, tuberculosis, leprosy and Dengue fever are appearing once again from Washington all the way to New York.

The culprit for this resurgence of illness? Illegal immigration.

Given the inability of Mexico to deal with any number of the many problems it faces, least of all the health of it’s citizens, it is no wonder that many Mexicans are suffering from diseases eliminated in the US long ago. While this is certainly tragic, the fact that many of the infected are coming here means many Americans will be infected too.

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