Disabled Veteran Must Pay Hefty Obamacare Fine Even with VA Benefits

Outside a Trump rally, Infowars interviews many who are on the outskirts, lend support to the Trump cause.

A bearded man responds, “Well, of course as soon as I listen to those positions, I just agreed with him.  I think he's telling the truth and I think… I think that's why every event that happens in the world reinforces Trumps position, because he's based on the truth.  And I think last year, he kindof destroyed political correctness, so he's really driving the Great Awakening of of the American people to realize both parties are supported by the same donors.  And of course what he is doing with the republican party.  We're gonna take over this party, kick out all the neo-cons and the rhinos and make it a real party. It's like the voters versus the donors.  That's what the war is about now.”

Standing next to a veteran, another man discusses what he sees in Trump.

“Well, you know, it's things that he wants to do. He wants to strengthen our military.  Our military, has it not become weak?  It's not what it used to be.  You know, he wants to take care of our own  Like this fine man, right here, served our country and these veterans are the one's getting crapped on, but they want these people across the street… think that illegal immigrants should get American citizenship, or get free healthcare.  These men, these brave men and women are the ones that deserve it, Not the illegals.”

“I have a disability rating and the insurance I get from the VA is not even good enough to satisgy the IRS insurance mandates.”

Infowars responds, “So you're getting penalized for your VA insurance, with the IRS, with Obamacare?”

‘Absolutely”, the young vet remarked, “Yeah, $600 fine.”

Snarkily, the reporter retorted, “That's very American.”




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