Border Patrol Analyst: DHS Closed Terror Investigation Because It Violated Terrorists’ ‘Civil Liberties’

It's absurd enough that we are seriously debating the “civil liberties” of avowed Islamic extremists, but the fact that the DHS went out of it's way to delete information it had gathered about them is an outrage in a class of it's own. This in a time when the government feels it can afford to violate the civil liberties of individuals like Pamela Geller who have sought to highlight the threat posed to us by such radicals but not the civil liberties of jihadists who have openly declared war on the US, reprimanding the operative who tried to stop them. As Breitbart elaborates:

“Mr. Haney’s work tracking the radical movement was considered so important that he says he was given an agency award for identifying potential terrorists, and he was asked to become part of the National Targeting Center, which works to connect the dots and build a bigger picture of terrorist activity.

However, after more than six months tracking the Deobandis, Homeland Security unexpectedly halted his investigation on the request of the State Department’s Office of Civil Rights, Haney alleges.

According to Mr. Haney, the agencies argued that since the radical Islamist groups are not specially designated as terrorist organizations, tracking individuals related to them was a violation of the their ‘civil liberties.'

After his work was shut down he says he met with the DHS Inspector General several Members of Congress in 2013. The DHS and the Justice Department subjected him to an investigation, which showed no wrongdoing on his part, Mr. Haney claims.

However, in September 2014 they sequestered him and revoked his access to the database and his security clearance.”

Source: Breitbart



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