DHS Releases 3,700 Illegal Immigrant ‘Threat Level 1’ Criminals Onto American Streets

DHS Releases 3,700 Illegal Immigrant ‘Threat Level 1’ Criminals Onto American Streets

While the Dept. of Homeland Security has stated that releasing the ‘worst of the worst' criminals onto America's streets has been due to court rulings, findings from the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte has shown otherwise: 57% of Threat Level 1 criminals were released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on its own volition.

ICE released very violent offenders into our communities because it simply chose to.


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The Washington Times reports that the number “Threat Level 1” criminals released number more than 3,700!

These ‘worst of the worst' are deemed the top priority for deportation, but were still released out into our communities!

“Put aside the spin, and the fact is that over 17,000 of the criminal aliens released last year were released due to ICE discretion, representing 57 percent of the releases,” said Mr. Goodlatte. “The Obama administration’s lax enforcement policies are reckless and needlessly endanger our communities.”

In a statement to The Washington Times, ICE said it takes release decisions seriously and makes a judgment in each case. That holds true even for Threat Level 1 criminals.

“Not all Level 1 criminal aliens are subject to mandatory detention and thus may be eligible for bond,” the agency said, pointing to mitigating circumstances that can convince agents to release the most serious criminals.

“ICE personnel making custody determinations also take into consideration humanitarian factors such as deteriorated health, advanced age, and caretaking responsibilities. All custody determinations are made on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the totality of circumstances in each case,” the agency said.

ICE officials insist that those who are released are still monitored, often by electronic ankle bracelets but also through a system of phone checks or by paying a bond.

However, nearly all of those released under electronic monitoring broke the terms of their release, according to ICE numbers.

In fiscal year 2014, ICE put about 41,000 immigrants through electronic monitoring, and more than 30,000 of them broke the terms of their release — many of them racking up multiple violations. All told, they notched nearly 300,000 violations in one year alone, or an average of 10 instances per violator.

The rate has gone down slightly so far in fiscal year 2015. Of the 34,002 immigrants put into electronic monitoring, 27,317 have broken the rules a combined 162,322 times.

Source: washingtontimes.com

The Obama administration has released over 60,000 illegal alien criminals over the last couple of years. With such blatant disregard for maintaining a lawful society, it's hard not to think that they are not being released for specific purposes. They sure would come in handy to any regime needing to jackboot citizens under a martial law scenario or used as pawns in whatever nefarious plans the incoming Marxist regime has planned for this nation. It would be hard to do that if in jail – easier if they were on the streets with their records being ‘lost'.



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