Denmark to Drop Criminal Record Certificate Requirement for Refugees Who Work with Children

In Denmark it is illegal for anyone to work at a nursery, kindergarten, or day-care center for children without a certificate that ensures the employee has not previously been convicted of sexual offenses against children, reports SPEISA.

Because the Danish Government has nowhere to shove the influx of refugees looking for work, they have suggested that it may be best if they just let the refugees (not the citizens of Denmark) by-pass that law.

This is the problem. In countries where background checks are required for almost everything, how could it have gone over the Government's head that these refugees are fleeing from countries where it is practically impossible to obtain information.

This is just one example of the cultural indifference, and how the Government thinks putting a child's welfare at risk is a good way to solve a problem they made for themselves.

Culture Minister, Bertel Haarder, is responsible for the rules on criminal records. And in a written response to DF's Pernille Bendixen, he expresses understanding that the country's municipalities have a dilemma.

– On one hand they are obliged to obtain a certificate before taking refugees into internships in institutions for children. And on the other hand, it is practically impossible to obtain information from the countries they have fled.

‘I will therefore ask my officials to look into ways to revise the existing rules on criminal records, so that no unnecessary resources are used to obtain blank certificates', says Bertel Haarder, and adds:

– Adjustments must never slacken the overarching goal of the children's safety and security.

The minister's response creates great concern regarding children's safety and security within the government's support party, the Danish People's Party (DF).

– As I read it, the government is on its way to open up for that refugees can be employed in day-care centres without a criminal record certificate. I think it is totally outrageous that one can consider loosen these rules that are intended to protect children from harm, says spokeswoman Pernille Bendixen (DF) to Ekstra Bladet.

At the same time she calls it discrimination against the Danish pedagogues who have to continue to provide a criminal record certificate to get a job, while refugees may refrain.




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