Democrats’ Real Impeachment Strategy Unmasked

There is a darker purpose at work in the Democrats' efforts to impeach Donald Trump; one that is not immediately apparent, but left purposefully sublimated in order to forego even a single Republican voice from being heard throughout this secretive process.

Donald J. Trump is perhaps one of the most popular presidents in the history of this country and has achieved so much more than the corrupt institutions of the Fourth Estate Fake News will ever reveal or admit. This has forced the Democrats inside the Beltway to resort to some of the most intensely drastic, nuclear-option measures in order to prevent his reelection.

It is nearly guaranteed that President Trump will win reelection. Why else would there be a need to treat him as a treasonous foreign agent? Why else would there be the need to attempt to use the flimsiest of evidence and excuses with which to impeach him?

On the following page, you can read about the secret strategies of the Democrat Party that have been set into motion that will, in essence, silence the GOP Congressional members, with an endgame that results in a slam-dunk impeachment vote in the House!




  1. Jake Sherwood
  2. Jake Sherwood
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