The Democratic Ethics Chief Is Facing An Ethics Lawsuit

Linda Sanchez Presented with Ethics Lawsuit

The case involves Kara Medrano, who previously worked for Sanchez but was fired on February of 2015. She alleges she was fired for reporting that Sanchez and her staffers were guilty of unethical and illegal conduct. She has filed a lawsuit to get her job back plus $2.5 million in damages.

It is strange that she would want her job back, but perhaps the ethics of the office and the party are so bad that this would be possible. Sanchez's spokesman indicated that the lawsuit is confidential and deals with internal personal matters, and suggests that the charges are baseless and will be resolved in their favor. The confident retort is reminiscent of Ms. Clinton and her rejoinders regarding the email server. But the charge of retaliatory dismissal for reporting illegal and unethical activity in a congressman's office is very troubling, to say the least. Some of the details of the case include:

Kara Medrano, a one-time senior field representative for Sanchez, alleges that she saw Yvette Shahinian, Sanchez’s district director, conducting campaign work on official time, which is a potential violation of federal law…

Two weeks later, Shahinian told the “entire office staff” that they had to “delete all emails and documents that contain anything that may be incriminating regarding [fundraising] or campaigning using Congressional resources or any other campaigning information off their computers” due to a pending audit by the Ethics Committee. An IT employee for Sanchez also reportedly complained about the action.

Following Medrano’s complaints about Shahinian, Medrano’s work environment was made “more and more intolerable.”

It seems that Sanchez, like Clinton, had an email problem and the staff was anxious to “wipe the evidence.” Apparently Democrats feel that the ends justify the means, and the ends are to gain power and authority by whatever way possible. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is a willing participant in promoting these liars and ethically challenged political operators, hence the support they are providing to Clinton, one of the most corrupt politicians to ever walk the planet.

Will Ms. Medrano prevail in her lawsuit, and will Ms. Sanchez face any punishment whatsoever for her ethical lapses? The likelihood is no, even though she should be held to a higher standard due to her position on the Ethics Committee. And will Ms. Clinton face any consequences for her misconduct?

That is also improbable as the Democrat party lines up behind her to insist she has done nothing wrong, and to support her bid to run the country. A political party that is this corrupt and dishonest does not deserve the support of even one voter, but Clinton may well end up being our future president. The nation is much worse off for such a candidate and a party, and can not long survive with such abominable standard bearers at the helm.


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