Democratic Councilman Charged with Murder Gets Sworn in from Jail

Drugs and Murder Charge Cloud Winning Campaign

Robert Battle won his reelection campaign in November, despite having been arrested on charges of drugs and murder filed by the federal government. The voters can perhaps be forgiven for not knowing about the legal developments when they went to the polls, however, it does say something about voter awareness and attention to current events. Battle was sworn in to office while in the Porter County Jail.

In September, Battle was arrested on a charge of marijuana possession after law enforcement stopped him for speeding in a construction zone and found 40 grams of pot in his vehicle.

A month later, Battle was charged in the shooting death of Reimundo Camarillo Jr. on October 12, 2015. The Lake County Sheriff John Buncich called for Battle to resign, telling the press, “The right thing to do at this time would be to resign, step aside so the East Chicago citizens in the third district can be represented properly.”

“It’s wrong for the taxpayers, wrong for our party… I can’t remember a situation like this,” Sheriff Buncich continued.

However, Battle did not remove himself from office, and still by law will continue to earn his $42,365 salary until he either resigns or admit his guilt. As of now, Councilman Battle has maintained his innocence. According to the Chicago Tribune, his trial is scheduled for August.

Perhaps this is a new direction for the Democrat party. For example, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat front runner for the 2016 presidential election, is close to being charged with espionage and other charges pertaining to leaking top secret documents to our enemies, but she shows no signs of quitting her campaign either, and in fact seems to be gaining support from the clueless and ignorant Democrat base.




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