Democrat Introduces “Driving While Black” Bill


Tulchin Research conducted a poll and found that 69 percent of California voters would support a bill that forces police to report each time they pull over a black motorist. The poll also found that almost two-thirds of voters believe that blacks are more likely to be discriminated against by police.

Weber stressed that forcing police to turn in information on “driving-while-black (DWB)” stops forces police to report honestly on the reasons behind the stops. She said, “One of our best defenses is information. Currently, this information on these incidents isn’t provided publicly in a comprehensive way. The goal is to reestablish trust between law enforcement and communities of color.”

ACLU of CA Center for Advocacy and Policy’s Natasha Minsker said:

In the wake of events in Ferguson, New York, Charleston and Baltimore, we have been left heartbroken and shaken by the sometimes lethal impacts of racially biased policing. This year in California, over 100 people have died at the hands of police officers.

Our leaders and elected officials should listen to California voters and act on sensible reforms like AB 953.

The Tulcin Research poll found that “71 percent of California voters believe police are most likely to discriminate against young black men.”

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