Dem Lawmaker: We Don’t Want To Confiscate Guns, We Want To ‘Seize’ Them

Getting liberals to tell the truth is not an easy job. There's a good reason for that. If they were to be completely open and honest with their agenda, it would fall on its face. People don't want to be used as tools by others to gain power by taking advantage of their race.  Americans don't want businesses taxed into oblivion with the result being a higher rate of unemployment as these firms move overseas.

And they certainly would not want to be set up for government-conducted violence by being disarmed, let alone being left defenseless against less coordinated attacks.

Yet these are just some of the directions in which the radical left's agenda would point us. They just do a good job of lying and duping people into supporting their misbegotten goals.

Right now, we are seeing this with the gun-control debate. If forced to tell the truth, the left's gun-confiscation plans would collapse. Therefore, we must work hard to expose the liberals' agenda to the truth.

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