Defense Lawyers Warn ‘Racist-Baiting’ Trump not to Criticize, That He’s Under Investigation

Most lawyers like to take their wins and call it a day. But, not Matt Gonzalez, the lawyer for the illegal alien just acquitted of murdering 32-year-old Kate Steinle.

Instead, he took the press opp offered him after the trial to issue a striking warning for President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Matt Gonzalez, a lawyer for defendant Jose Garcia Zarate, addressed reporters in the moments after verdict was read in the case of the murder of Kate Steinle.

For those who might criticize this verdict, there are a number of people that have commented on this case in the last couple years, the Attorney General of the United States, the President and Vice President of the United States. Let me just remind them that they are themselves under investigation by a special prosecutor in Washington, DC and they may themselves soon avail themselves of the presumption of innocence and beyond a reasonable doubt standard. And so I would ask them to reflect on that before they comment or disparaged the result in this case

One of the few remarks that we have on the record regarding Zarate is that he came to San Francisco because it was a “sanctuary city”. Kate Steinle’s last known words were pleas to her father for help, as she died in his arms.

Kate Steinle

President Trump has responded to the ridiculous press conference following the acquittal of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has also issued a statement.

Our AG may be completely useless when it comes to investigating the Clintons or doing 80% of his duties at the DOJ, but he does understand illegal immigration.

“When jurisdictions choose to return criminal aliens to the streets rather than turning them over to federal immigration authorities, they put the public’s safety at risk. San Francisco’s decision to protect criminal aliens led to the preventable and heartbreaking death of Kate Steinle.”

The AG went on to call out San Francisco for not honoring an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hold put on Zarate (then known under the alias Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez) before Steinle’s death. “I urge the leaders of the nation’s communities to reflect on the outcome of this case and consider carefully the harm they are doing to their citizens by refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement officers,” said Sessions.

Why are the men looking to enforce the laws and protect the borders considered the “bad guys” by the left? That answer should be obvious. They are the ones placing susceptible hands on the triggers.

Here is a fun fact for you. “Republican” Paul Ryan was against Kate’s Law, the bill pushing stiffer penalties against detained illegal aliens saying it would “clog up our jails”.

Source: Breitbart



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