AG Sessions Refuses to Prosecute Hillary, Comey or Mueller

President Donald Trump has been asking some very pointed questions in the last few days regarding why his own attorney general is not pursuing the Uranium One investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration for its blatant mishandling of America's reserve of nuclear materials when it agreed to the sale of 20% of the nation's uranium to a Russian company, Rosatom, despite its foreknowledge that there was massive corruption and criminal activity inside the corporation.

Additionally, he's been wondering about the silence on the part of AG Jeff Sessions as it regards the piece of fiction, commonly referred to by the Fake News Industrial Complex (FNIC) as the “Trump Dossier,” a folder of falsified documents put together by both the Clinton campaign operatives and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) (and for which they paid $9M…but don't remember doing so).

That said, the question on many peoples' minds is, “Where is Jeff Sessions and why are we not seeing any action on these fronts?

The answer will quite frankly shock and anger you!  Turn to the following page to read more about why an embattled Sessions has seemingly decided that he has absolutely no power under the Constitution, nor under the umbrella of the Justice Department, to investigate anything and is merely collecting a paycheck as the country's highest authority on illegal detainment and deportation!



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