Debra Messing: Donald Trump “will STRIP you of your rights”

Debra Messing: Donald Trump “will STRIP you of your rights”

The Hollywood propaganda machine sure has its in insidious ways. Take the drama surrounding actress Debra Messing, who got all upset over an interview country singer Blake Sheldon had with Billboard magazine at which time he discussed the presidential race and Donald Trump in particular.  Messing interpreted Sheldon's comments as an endorsement of Trump, an unforgivable sin in Hollywood.

Of course, the increasingly insignificant actress had to lambast the man publically on Twitter. The Tweet included an outlandish statement about Trump that serves basically like a subliminal message would – Leftists don't generally don't think for themselves to well, of course.

So Ms. Messing must have decided it was her duty to correct Mr. Sheldon's viewpoint. But that isn't the only celebrity so appears to support Trump that she has attacked.

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