How the DEA Hired a TSA Screener to Confiscate Travelers’ Cash

How the DEA Hired a TSA Screener to Confiscate Travelers’ Cash

The U.S. Department of Justice has released an investigative summary which revealed that the Drug Enforcement Agency paid a security screener with the TSA to alert them to passengers who were transporting large sums of cash.

The Screener was promised a cut of any confiscated cash, raising obvious ethical questions.

The investigative summary concluded that the DEA did in fact violate policy by offering cash to the agent in exchange for information and could have likely violated individuals’ “protection against unreasonable searches and seizures” as well.

I can't help but be reminded of another scandal earlier in Obama's administration in which Mexican drug cartels were given weapons by the government, ostensibly to track those weapons to assist in arresting Cartel bosses. The context here is different, but it's part of a trend that shows that federal security agencies are unafraid to pursue potentially unconstitutional methods in order to capture criminals.

And the kicker here is that, just as with that earlier scandal with the Mexican Cartels, the practice did not turn up any significant results. Good enough for government work…

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