How the DEA Hired a TSA Screener to Confiscate Travelers’ Cash

The DEA have been caught bribing a TSA Security Screener with a partion of any reported and confiscated cash, ostensibly to assist in capturing criminals.

The DEA is reported to have offered the TSA agent a cut of any confiscated cash in exchange for his assistance, raising serious ethical questions about the agency’s practice.

The summary went on to conclude that the DEA did in fact violate policy by offering cash to the agent in exchange for information and could have likely violated individuals’ “protection against unreasonable searches and seizures” as well.

“The OIG further determined that asking the TSA Security Screener to notify the DEA of passengers carrying large sums of money in exchange for a reward based on money seized by the DEA violated the DEA’s interdiction manual, and could have violated individuals’ protection against unreasonable searches and seizures if it led to a subsequent DEA enforcement action,” the summary said.

Despite the DEA’s attempts, the report claims that no actionable intelligence or cash was recovered due to the efforts.

Source: Info Wars

When is the government going to learn that pursuing supra-Constitutional investigation methods is not only criminal in itself, but simply ineffectual? If security agencies want to capture more criminals, they must do so within the confines of the law.

But let’s be honest, how can you expect a militarized police state to do things Constitutionally? They have to be thrown out in order to put in people who understand that a law applied to only a few is not a law, but a dictatorial edict.



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