DEA Ejected from Bolivia, Drug Manufacturing Plummets

The DEA was ejected from Bolivia in 2008, after being charged with conspiracy and espionage. What? That doesn't sound like American policy at all . . .

Bolivia had mostly succeeded in its “innovative approach” that combines the unionization of coca growers and respect for human rights with forced eradication efforts in non-permitted regions.

“It's not only about making money off a crop,” said de Leo. “In the old fashioned alternative development approach, we substitute one illicit crop for a licit crop. It's about a more comprehensive approach that includes access to essential services like schools, hospitals, and roads in areas that traditionally have been hard to reach.”

DEA as Drug Dealer:

Although the country's approach to coca cultivation is novel, it should not be surprising. The country's drug czar, as well as its president, Evo Morales, are both former coca growers.

Following his election in 2005, Morales undertook efforts to negotiate with coca grower unions, promising them he would give them higher prices for growing less coca. Recently, the UN has estimated Bolivia's legitimate coca crop at more than $8 per kilogram of dried leaves, which several times higher than it is in Colombia and double the market rate in Peru.

The ejection of the DEA from Bolivia –- and the country's subsequent drop in the production and sale of coca –- is most definitely unique in that the DEA has been implicated in drug-running operations, as Natural News reported recently.

In addition, Morales' decision to eject the agency from his country was vindicated after documents surfaced showing that the DEA had been conducting covert reconnaissance in some neighboring countries, VICE News reported.

Unless Bolivia is trying to frame the United States, which they very well could be doing, it's sad that the alternative sounds far more logical. If our government is doing this, it's safe to assume that there are a lot more skeletons in that closet.





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