D.C. Federal Judge: State Department Must Release New Benghazi Emails From Hillary’s Server

U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered the release of State Department documents that they had attempted to keep secret through legal proceedings.  Consumer watchdog group Judicial Watch sued the State Department in an effort to gain unfettered (in other words, unredacted) access to two emails that possibly hold significant information regarding the terrorist assault on the Benghazi compound in Libya in 2014.

The judge was not impressed with the State Department's argument that it had made a mistake in not lumping those emails in with the rest that were released and asked for an injunction for those documents to remain secret from the public.  Judicial Watch issued a statement that it was curious as to what the former president and his Secretary of State knew at the time of the attacks and how they came to the conclusion to lie to the American public regarding a “spontaneous protest due to a video.”

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton wondered if President Trump and his Cabinet were aware that their own State Department was attempting to cover up the mess:

“[D]oes President Trump know his State and Justice Departments are still trying to provide cover for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?”

Fitton added that “an extraordinary court ruling that could result in key answers about the Benghazi outrage is being opposed by the Trump administration. This may well be an example of the ‘deep state’ trying to get away with a cover up – if so, then the Trump administration must put a stop to it.”

The federal government has nearly run out of excuses for the intricacies involved in hiding information regarding Benghazi.  With federal officials consistently blaring that there's nothing to see here, that it was all just a big Republican witch hunt, one wonders if there is really nothing to see, why such efforts to such great lengths to hide the truth.

It's time for AG Jeff Sessions to step up and begin asking the really tough questions.

Source:  The Daily Caller



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