Cruz Claims Landslide Victories in Five States, Even Though only One Held an Actual Election

In any other year, Texas Senator Ted Cruz would not in any way be considered “establishment” or a Washington insider.  The junior senator from Texas is not well-liked by many of his peers.  In fact, only one senator — out of 54 Republicans — has endorsed Cruz.

But 2016 is not an ordinary year.  Billionaire businessman, Donald Trump has managed to “out-outsider” Cruz, painting him as a product of the establishment (who really does not want either candidate).

Monday, Trump and Cruz had yet another dustup over the state of the GOP primary — both claiming victory.

Ted Cruz boasted Monday morning that he has won ‘landslides' in the last five states to award Republican convention delegates, even though only one of those states held a popular-vote election.

‘There have been a total of five states that have voted in the last three weeks,' he claimed during a town hall event on ‘Good Morning America.'

‘In those states, starting with Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Wyoming, 1.3 million people voted in those states. And he lost all five. We have won five in a row, and Donald's upset so he's throwing a fit.'

As expected, Trump did not let this slide.

Wyoming followed the much-maligned template of Colorado's process, which awarded all 34 of that state's delegates to Cruz despite not holding a popular vote at all.

‘They're going nuts out there; they’re angry,' Trump said Saturday. ‘The bosses took away their vote, and I wasn’t going to send big teams of people three, four months ago, have them out there.'

While Trump has won 21 state nominating contests to Cruz's 10, the billionaire leads the Texas senator by only a 755-559 delegate count.

He must win nearly 60 percent of the delegates remaining to be awarded before the party's political convention in July if he is to avoid a contested floor fight at the multi-day Cleveland, Ohio event.

Trump has become more animated and exasperated eith every contest Cruz wins without the support of voters.

‘Lyin' Ted Cruz can't get votes (I am millions ahead of him) so he has to get his delegates from the Republican bosses. It won't work!' he tweeted on Sunday.

With exactly three months to go until the GOP Convention in Cleveland, the race is shaping up to get even nastier as a contested convention likely approaches.



Source: Daily Mail



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