The Cost of Migrants in Europe is Staggering

Afghans asylum claims are up four-fold, from 6,300 to 27,000. Another 17,700 claims were made by Albanians, whose country is not at war but does share a European border and economics are better elsewhere.

A further 13,900 applicants came from Iraq which, like neighbouring Syria, is being smashed by the Islamic State terrorists.
Half a million migrants have arrived in Europe so far this year, with 156,000 coming in August alone. Rather than claiming asylum in the first safe EU country they reach, which in most cases is Greece or Italy, most head on toward wealthy northern states. More than 250,000 migrants have reached those two countries alone before striking out on the overland trail to their EU haven of choice.

Elsewhere, the number of people applying for asylum for the first time in Norway shot up by 81 per cent between April and June, according to the Eurostat figures.

Norway’s neighbours, Finland and Denmark, also saw bigger increases of 67 per cent and 66 per cent respectively, while Sweden’s applications rose by 25 percent.

The oil rich Nordic nation is coming under increasing pressure to accept more refugees, with even the 2,760 applications received over the last three months only adding up to 534 per head of population, compared to 1,467 per head received by the neighboring Swedes and 997 in Germany.

The Japanese investment bank Mizuho put a number on it saying that by accepting up to one million refugees a year over the next two years could cost Berlin €25 billion. Germany itself has its own estimate and it is closer to the €100 billion mark.

Source: Breitbart

By the way, Germany slammed its borders shut after it discover the migrants simply wanted to riot and cause mayhem and make demands.



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