Cory Feldman Attacked, Stabbed in Abdomen by Attacker

Corey Feldman says he is ready to identify six prominent members of Hollywood who he claims are active in pedophile rings. He has also been threatened. And now he has been attacked. Is the attack just a coincidence? It certainly does not seem like it.

Corey Feldman has been hospitalized after he says a total stranger stabbed him in the abdomen and then escaped.

Corey says he was stopped at a traffic light Tuesday night in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley — with a security guard — when 3 men approached the car. He says while his security was distracted by the 3 guys, a car pulled up and another attacker jumped out, stabbed him and fled the scene.

Corey rushed to a hospital after the attack, and that's when LAPD was informed of the attack. Cops are now investigating, but Corey thinks he knows who's responsible.

He says he's been getting online threats from some group of people he refers to as the “Wolfpack.” Corey adds, “I have reason to believe it's all connected! Enough is enough!”

Here's the latest from the LAPD:

7:45 AM PT — Law enforcement now tells us, Corey told police he believed he was being followed. At some point, Corey's bodyguard, who was a passenger in his car, shined a flashlight toward the other car. At the next light, one of the guys in the car that was following Corey got out and confronted the bodyguard. Another guy went to the driver's side and Corey says the guy stabbed him with some sort of syringe or other sharp object and then the car took off. Cops now say there is some sort of mark on Corey's abdomen.

Cops believe it was a road rage incident and the call went out as an assault with a deadly weapon.

A “road rage incident” indeed. Who jumps out of a car after an accomplice has overcome a bodyguard, and stabs the driver with a syringe? That's hardly a “spur of the moment” act that we are given to understand someone suddenly brought to committing road-rage does. Far too well-planned for that.

6:45 AM PT —¬†Corey told the police the attacker appeared to be following him, and whatever the person allegedly stabbed him with was “long and sharp.” We're told he feared it was a syringe, and went to the hospital to make sure he hadn't been injected with something.

Let's home that “something” is nothing serious. It is terrifiying to think of what could have been injected into Mr. Feldman if that is what was done.

In the meantime, we are ready to hear what Mr. Feldman has to say about specific Hollywood pedophiles. The problem is that the list of possible suspects could be quite long. Here's a list of 46 celebrities that are currently accused of sexual assault, molestation or rape. That's just those we know about. Hollywood is such a cesspool of filth that narrowing down the most likely suspects would certainly be a challenge indeed.

Here is Feldman naming one abuser:

Source: TMZ


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