Coroner Refuses to Release Las Vegas Shooter’s Autopsy Report

It is illegal in Clark County Nevada for coroner’s to refuse to release autopsy reports. However, in connection the facility processing both the 58 victims and the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, something fishy is going on.

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — The Coroner finally released the autopsy for the 58 victims but not for the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock after a judge ruled that the coroner release all the documents and pay $32,000 in legal fees.

Not only did the coroner drag his feet and release the autopsy reports late Wednesday but all of the names are redacted in the reports and there is no mention of ballistic data, bullet caliber, or trajectories. Although, the report does state that recovered bullet fragments were turned over to the police. Moreover, against public law, the coroner has still not released the autopsy report for “Stephen Paddock” after an Intellihub article definitively proved the body recovered in Mandalay Bay room 32-135 was not Paddock’s. In fact, the coroner claims that he still has to “finalize” the report despite the fact the autopsy was conducted.

Why not realize the autopsy? It is simple, according to the official story he shot himself and committed suicide. You'd think it would be a no-brainer to release to the general public. But the coroner is claiming that it still needs to be finalized, making an already suspicious event look even more like some sort of false flag.

After an investigation, Intellhub has come to the conclusion that the reason the coroner isn't releasing the autopsy report despite a judge's order is that the body is not that of Stephen Paddock!

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