Congressman Warns: China Attempting Takeover Of American Military Company

Congressman Warns: China Attempting Takeover Of American Military Company

The world is a dangerous place, and there are all kinds of players who would bring the United States down. Certainly ISIS in the Middle East would hope to leave us a smoldering ruin if they could find a way to accomplish that. Iran still has regular “death to America” pep rallies in the streets, in spite of the newly signed give away by John Kerry that supposedly ushered in a new day of understanding between the two countries. And Venezuela has spoken in the past about the U.S. being the playground of the devil, even when they were buying the majority of their consumer goods from us.

But the more curious and difficult to assess situations are where our purported enemies are interested doing business with us and even investing in our country. Ordinarily, that would seem like a good thing, since there would be an economic incentive to get along rather than destroy their investment. But what if the investment had a military element that might impact our own military preparedness and maintenance?

That is exactly the situation facing Terex Corporation, a $3 billion company that provides critical infrastructure equipment to the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security, among others. Should such a company risk working with an overseas partner who is at odds with the U.S., or worse yet, should the company actually be sold to a hostile foreign entity?

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