Concealed Permit Holder Thwarts Mass Shooting in Chicago

Concealed Permit Holder Thwarts Mass Shooting in Chicago

In the wake of the mass murder of victims in San Bernardino, California last week by a Muslim extremist husband and wife team, the Left is once again coldly using a tragedy to call for greater gun control, the prohibition of various types of guns, and less publicly disclosed, the general confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens throughout the United States.

Despite the inability of these “gun-haters” to cite examples of NRA members and well-trained concealed carry permit holders for any kind of illegal or anti-social gun-related activity, Democrats and Leftists continue to demonize anyone who would suggest that gun ownership is a right properly bestowed by the Second Amendment and should not be infringed upon.

The Left is famous for citing incorrect and dishonest anti-gun statistics, and ignores the many instances where gun owners have saved lives and prevented bloody, horrendous outcomes by having a gun when needed. Such an instance occurred recently in Chicago, and those involved are no doubt grateful that an Uber driver was able to fend off a would-be mass murdered with his gun.

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