Comcast Hints at Restricting Internet Access After Net Neutrality Ends

Comcast Hints at Restricting Internet Access After Net Neutrality Ends

The whole conversation surrounding net neutrality makes me either want to fall asleep or gouge my eyes out. But, neither of those former two sentiments are an option as despite the complexities surrounding this issue it stands to affect our everyday lives in a way few pervading “topics” of the day will.

Back in 2014 former President Barack Hussein Obama began pushing the Federal Communications Commission to start more heavily enforcing “net neutrality” – the policy forcing internet service providers (ISP) to load every website at the same speed.

You can think of this like your cable package, under “net neutrality” like laws your TV provider would be forced to let you access every TV show offered, without “net neutrality” like laws, you have to pay for different service packages or “bundles”.

Now try and transform this example to download speeds, say the big leftist conglomerates such as Comcast hate an independent news organization like Truth and Action, they could target it by making people pay more to access it or slowing down the download speed to discourage readers from actually accessing the information.

But, all of this is technically hypothetical, no pun intended.

When former President Barack Hussein Obama gave the Federal Communications Commission this order most of the right were a bit leery of these measures, and with good reason. The better the title sounds, the scarier the actual bill or measure really is. The “Affordable Care Act”, the “Patriot Act”, “Net Neutrality”…

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