Colorado GOP Election Officials Considering a Do-Over

Trump supporters have had a lot not to like about the Colorado primary — other than their candidate emerging without any delegates.  Delegates who supported Trump claim they were not allowed to vote.  And don’t forget that #NeverTrump tweet from the Colorado GOP Twitter account.

After many Trump-supporting delegates cried foul in Colorado, Breitbart has reported that names were left off many ballots, at least one case of a woman being denied the right to vote, and that some counties came in with either too many or too few votes.

Breitbart News has obtained an email that Boulder County GOP chairwoman Peg Cage sent to other top Republican officials in Colorado, including to other party chairs, describing the errors in the process that led to “the perception of fraud.” Reached for comment on the email, Cage said that the caucus might have to be done over.

Since Breitbart News’s original report on massive voting problems at the caucus — including names of candidates being left off ballots and at least one woman not being able to vote — insiders have come forward to tell this reporter about other alleged inconsistencies, including a screw-up in the Pueblo and Mesa counties that led to one county having twenty more ballots and another twenty less. Trump supporters even protested the results of the caucus on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol.

“Rather than spend their time working on try to build integrity and correct errors — I know that’s happening they’re working on it right now —today at 1:30 there’s a bill being pushed by [state chairman] Steve House to push from a caucus system to a primary system as if that would change things,” Boulder County chairwoman Peg Cage told Breitbart News.

“The Trump supporters think that the Cruz supporters stole the election. The Cruz supporters were very concerned that they might not get seated in Cleveland” so they have been publicizing that the Trump campaign does not plan to contest the results, Cage said. But those delegates could still be un-seated by the Republican National Committee.

“If it’s that bad, I guess if there’s any question that our delegates won’t be seated, then that would be a case where it might make sense to have a do-over,” Cage said. “I would say it would. It might be the better way to go just to make sure that our delegates, they ought to be able to go forth and get seated.”

It is unclear whether Colorado will actually hold a re-vote, and what that vote would look like.  A do-over in Colorado could go a long way in cooling tensions between the Cruz and Trump camps, but could also cost a fortune.

Source: Breitbart



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