Colorado DNC: “We’re Not Trying to Incite Panic, But…” 3,000 Democrats Have Unregistered

We already know that Democrats are hurting politically.  They have lost the House of Representatives and hundreds of seats nationally (totaling more than 1,200), they've lost the Senate, they've lost most of the Governorships, and they also don't have a majority in the Supreme Court.  They lost the presidency and that was the most bitter of all the pills (especially for Hillary).

In addition to all this, their message continues to decline in resonance with the American people.  Over the eight, extremely long and excruciating years of the Obama administration, Americans became more and more fed up with the ridiculous antics of the Liberals, not the least of which were the blatant racist attempts of the Party of the Jackass to ridicule, insult and demean every person of White ethnicity nearly every single day.  It was seemingly a never-ending assault on White folks just looking for break from the constant name-calling and claims of bigotry.

With Barack Hussein Obama exiting stage Left came a small reprieve of the attacks, but true to form, Democrats have since lost all feigned attempts at composing themselves in order to focus back upon what (they believe) has catapulted them to success:  a completely insane notion that America agrees with every disruptive anti-American stance in their party platform.

In his campaign to change the way the voters of America looked at the highly corrupt government system, Donald Trump did something that no Republican candidate had done since Reagan's time.  Trump had proven that the Democrat Party platform was not popular with everyday Americans and as a testament to this claim, tens of thousands of Democrats jumped ship and registered as Republicans.

In so doing, the Republicans were able to not only rein in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, but they also managed to convince thousands of voters (in what was thought to be secure Democrat territory) in Wisconsin and Michigan to flip their vote as well.  In fact, Trump took all but 21 states without the help of both New York and California.

An interesting trend is now emerging in Colorado that has many Democrats scratching their heads, but Republicans rejoicing.  Read on the following page about how the Democrats voter rolls are continuing to decline and for the laughable reason they claim it's happening.

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