Colorado DNC: “We’re Not Trying to Incite Panic, But…” 3,000 Democrats Have Unregistered

If you'll recall, Donald Trump was called paranoid, unhinged, and completely out-of-line to question the integrity and security of the elections systems because of rampant reports of Democrat tampering, cheating, and mass enrollment through questionable means and organizations…and that was just Obama calling him those names.  Add to that the face that he went on national television to decry Trump's remarks and assured Americans that it was ridiculous that the elections systems were to be questioned.  They were the most secure systems in the world and to say that they had been infiltrated or tampered with in any way was tantamount to insanity.

Some would say this was just Trump hedging his bets and preparing an excuse for his loss before the elections.  Others would say that this was just Trump's way of getting under Hillary's and Obama's skin.  I would contend that this was a way to cleverly fool the Democrats into not only agreeing to look into the election results after the fact, but to also push for the government to get to the bottom of how this TV personality was smart enough to get the Russians to help him steal the election.

In both respects, with the Leftist losers whining and melting down about election fraud and how they wanted answers, Trump was able to cobble together the authorization for a Voter Fraud Commission and dispatch it quickly to get such answers.

There was only one problem.  When the whiners demanded action on voter fraud, they never meant for Trump to be authorizing it and they never meant for the panel to be looking at Democrat voters!

Word is coming out of Colorado where the Democrat Party there is raising a red flag of panic.  They are witnessing another mass exodus of voters from the rolls.  After the en masse exit from the Democrat Party during the presidential election, they thought it was all over.  They believed that the Democrat voters who had abandoned them for Donald Trump were done leaving the building.  Alas for Democrats, that was not the case.

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