Colorado Delegate: I was Replaced for Voting Trump

With the success of insurgent outsider candidates in both parties this election year, the party elites have become nervous.  The have coalesced behind two candidates — Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz — who do not engender much enthusiasm in voters, and have gone on the attack against the two candidates — Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump — with the most fervent supporters.

After several reports of voter fraud or suppression, such as last month’s debacle in Arizona, many of Trump and Sanders’ supporters are crying foul.  Intellihub describes the situation in Colorado where a Trump supporter claims he was stripped of his status as a delegate for his vote for Trump.

The “Delegate” said that he is “going to raise holy hell over this” and is “ashamed to call himself a Republican.”

They are a “corrupt bunch of thieves.”

The Delegate said that he was “threatened,” forewarned, that if he voted for Trump he ‘would be replaced.’

The Colorado Republican Party has yet to respond to these allegations, but if they prove to be true then this is clearly a blow for the democratic process.



Source: Intellihub



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