CNN’s Jim Acosta Cries: ‘Trump Gave Me a Time Out in Siberia’

Jim Acosta, Senior White House Correspondent for CNN was on yesterday with Wolf Blitzer following a truly horrifying spectacle:  CNN was not placed at the front and center position of the press conference on Friday!  GASP!  The outrage!

Acosta, ever the consummate professional, decided to recount the harrowing experience of sitting near the back of the press conference, having to endure sitting among the common rabble of the press corps.  Not only that, but someone actually attempted to sell him a dime-bag inside a “Make America Great Again” cap!  Oh!

Wolf Blitzer, getting more haggard with every damned Trump-day that goes by was severely put-out by this horrible event.  Acosta put on a brave face, however, and trudged onward, explaining that he felt that this might be retaliation for CNN's truthful, honest, and sparklingly clean and wholesome coverage of the dirty, despicable and unclean White House.  You might be right there, Jimmy!

As the interview went on, in order to stop from tearing up and possibly allowing his lower lip to puff out too far from his face, Acosta bucked up, straightened his shoulders, took a deep breath, and in an unsteady voice, declared that if it WAS retaliation, that would not deter him from continuing to dig at the scab of truth until he drew blood once again.

“We were actually behind the Romanian Press as well, [Oh, God, no!]” explained the pinched face of Acosta.  “We were in the equivalent of Siberia…no pun intended…[No, of course not] when it comes to where we were seated in the audience section, in the press section, of that Rose Garden news conference.”


Trump has had a combative relationship with the media, and CNN in particular.In May, Trump’s blasted CNN for refusing to air an ad about Trump’s first 100 days in office.

An in January,  he refused to take a question from Acosta during his press conference, berating CNN for being “fake news.”


There is nothing left to say about this poor unfortunate who felt put-upon by the President.  Is it possible that Trump could have made him feel better about his seating?  If President Trump had waded into the audience, gone directly to Jimmy in a weird, John Edwards sort of beeline, “I feel distress in this area of the press corps!” and found Acosta, weeping silently in the back corner, could he have taken him by the hand, said, “There, there…” gently and whispered reassuring words to him, like, “It's not you, it's your network,”?

Sure…he could have.  But would that have appeased the CNN Leftist bigwigs up in the conference room on the 692nd floor of the CNN corporate building?  So, Trump instead went on with the press conference, confident in the fact that CNN got the message loud and clear that if they continue to offer up biased news in the free-style, off-the-cuff, bile-ridden rants of MSNBC and the Huffington Post, then, yeah, you will be relegated to Dead Horse, Alaska!  Sorry, but dem's the breaks!

I think as an added measure of security that CNN and the other Old Guard fogies understand completely and clearly that they are being put at the kid's table for the remainder of this president's tour of duty, the White House staff should be serving beans and wieners to the reporters in the back row.  That way, they can't complain that they also didn't get a snack!

Source:  The Wrap


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