CNN’s Cuomo: 12 Year Old Girls Who Object to Seeing Male Genitalia in Locker Rooms Were Taught to be “Intolerant”

If you want to see an example of the left's tunnel vision, look no further than the way it obsessively fixates on the minuscule non-issues of identity politics.

If you were to go by the excessive coverage the liberal media pours upon trans and LGBT issues, you would think that at least 30% of the country belonged to the groups associated with that community. Yet when you actually look at the numbers, gays don't even make up 10% of the population. As for transgender individuals? They don't even register as a full percentage point on the population count.

We can debate the accommodations that society should extend to such individuals, but it would be foolish and short-sighted to allow one's concerns for these groups to minimize the equally real concerns others have about the much larger demographic of sex offenders who may inadvertently benefit from such measures.

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