CNN’s Cuomo: 12 Year Old Girls Who Object to Seeing Male Genitalia in Locker Rooms Were Taught to be “Intolerant”

Of course, this myopic attitude has led many progressives to adopt the most shocking positions in order to avoid undermining their far-left narrative. Questioned on Twitter by what he would tell a 12-year-old girl if she didn't want to be in a bathroom with a man, CNN host Chris Cuomo suggested that not only was the girl in question “the problem” but that her father who presumably taught her such “intolerance”.

As you might have guessed, Twitter users didn't react kindly to Cuomo's nonsensical answer:

The world elite engages in pedophilia and sex trafficking as the norm. Turn the page to see Dr. Phil expose this on mainstream TV with a girl that claims to have been trafficked her whole life:

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