CNN contributor : Our Mistakes are ‘Precisely’ Why People Should Trust Us

“It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”

― George Orwell, 1984

Here is a comedy.

David Frum, senior editor at the Atlantic. Coined the term “Axis of Evil”. Speechwriter for George W. Bush. Imagine that daunting task.

Brain Setler, senior media correspondent for CNN media analyst, host of Reliable Sources.

On Reliable Sources, on CNN, Current Atlantic senior editor, David Frum, shared this stunning Orwellian insight on the Fake News Industrial Complex,

“The mistakes are precisely the reason people should trust the media”.

“Look, astronomers make mistakes all the time, because science is a process of discovery of truth,” he said. “Astrologers never make mistakes, or at least they never own up to them, because what they are offering is a closed system of ideology and propaganda.”

“Journalism is a process. The way you discover the truth as a consumer of news is not by reading any one story and thinking, ‘Aha, here's the truth.' You have to be engaged in it,” Frum added

The mistakes show that what I’m trying to do is the truth…

Imagine you were in a court of law and a doctor was being sued for chopping off people’s arms.

This is the Fake News Industrial Complex's response,

We should applaud this doctor not sue him because he is searching for the discovery of truth, and the mistakes that he has made, these lopped off arms, are a product of his laudable desire to seek a better understanding, he is to be praised, not sued.

The news media is in an existential fight right now for their very operations.  It is under so much attack, and so much to blame for their own problems. 

All of the errors and “fake news” go in the direction of Trump. The mistakes never benefit Trump. Anything even remotely positive is never allowed to be aired. They don’t ask if it’s true. They go “Ahh is it negative to Trump ?” then toss it into the publish pile – that is the only editorial system left among the shrills touting the establishment.

When you make a mistake, you apologize, acknowledge them, and you move on, and you don’t continue forward when your main goal is the destruction of Donald J. Trump.

Here is the video!



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