Clock Boy’s Story Begins to Unwind

Clock Boy’s Story Begins to Unwind

Media bias has taken Clock Boy's story, the boy who brought a clock that looked like a bomb to school and turned it into a one-sided tale of Islamaphobia. Because of the the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), only the Mohammed family has been able to share their side of the story, while the teachers and school administrators have had to keep their side to themselves.

However, a former student, a Muslim female, who graduated from MacArthur High School’s 2015 as valedictorian, has a very different impression of her time at the Texas school.  Amena Jamali wrote an email to the MacArthur High principal Dan Cummings which thanked the school and educators for making her feel safe, accepted and able to excel as a Muslim girl.

The school accommodated her religious conviction, allowing her prayer time and dietary needs, as well as allowing her to take a month off for a Haj. Read the truth about this high school and how the media and the Mohammed family want to profit from their attention.

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