Clock Boy’s Family Doubles Down, Goes for $15M Payday

‘Clock Boy' Ahmed Mohamed is back in the U.S. and his lawyer released a statement giving the reasons for which the family intends to sue for $15 million.

While a bit vague, the latter appears to allege that Mohamed was unconstitutionally targeted and punished by his high school for arbitrary, and perhaps racial, reasons. The city of Irving, for its part, is alleged to have unreasonably searched and booked Mohamed. Both the high school and the city are alleged to have violated their own internal procedures to go after Mohamed. Following all this, the city and school allegedly compounded the harm to Mohamed by making statements implying that they acted reasonably, which constituted defamation by impliedly calling “both Ahmed and his family … liars.”

Clock Boy Ahmed MohamedAll of this is worth $15 million to Mohamed and his family, who have left the United States and now reside in Qatar.

It is absolutely the case that schools should not unfairly target students based on race or religion. And it still appears as though the Irving school district and city overreacted: No one appears to have actually believed that Mohamad’s “clock” was a bomb.

But in today’s environment, with violence and multi-million-dollar litigation, it is understandable that schools occasionally overreact. Ultimately, after being feted at the White House, meeting President Barack Obama, and making the talk show rounds, Mohamed likely could have returned to school triumphant.

Instead, he has now filed a massive lawsuit that, even if meritless, will take time and money to resolve.

Apparently a one day ordeal is worth $15 million, according to Ahmed's family. I know that our country's technology leaders and politicians seem to think Ahmed is the world's next great scientist, but it seems just a tad ridiculous that making a suspicious looking device that took next to no scientific ingenuity would warrant such a bloated payday.

This is nothing more than a mertiless money grab by a family who doesn't even care enough about the American way to stay in this country.



Source: DailySignal

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