Cliven Bundy Sues Harry Reid, President Obama Over ‘Cruel’ Treatment

Bundy, 70, is seeking $50 million for the “illegal, unconstitutional, intentional and malicious acts” of the defendants, and wants an indictment against him quashed and his immediate release from jail in Portland, Oregon.

Bundy added that he's been in solitary since his arrest earlier this year — which constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment,” claims the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Nevada.

Bundy also wants federal Judge Gloria Navarro, named as another defendant, removed from the criminal case and for politically conservative attorney Larry Klayman to help defend him in Nevada.

The cowboy hat-wearing Bundy became a national figure — and hero in some conservative corners — when he led an armed confrontation against federal rangers over a land dispute in his home state of Nevada. The father of 14 — along with his posse of supporters — clashed with the rangers who tried to execute a court order to confiscate 500 of his cattle after they were illegally grazing on public land and he failed to pay $1 million in grazing fees.

Bundy, who has pleaded not guilty, was indicted for inciting the standoff, along with two of his sons and two others.

The complaint lays out a conspiracy against Bundy perpetrated by Obama, Reid, Navarro and Reid's son, Rory Reid, who unsuccessfully ran for Nevada governor in 2010.

Navarro “has shown her true intentions and bias and prejudice, rising to the level of denying Sixth Amendment right of counsel and to a speedy trial to (Bundy), following the ‘marching orders' of her benefactors Defendant Harry Reid and Obama,” according to the suit.

She is also described as a “Latino activist.”

Bundy alleges Reid used “the equivalent of federal storm-troopers” against Bundy's “peaceful cowboys,” and that Reid wanted Bundy gone so that he could seize his land and then sell it to the Chinese.

“Bundy, his sons and their believers have endangered the lives of federal officers, have defaced and damaged public lands and squandered public resources for their own benefit. They are domestic terrorists,” said Reid spokeswoman Kristen Orthman, offering a term the Democratic senator himself has used publicly. “They are deadly and dangerous and will be brought to justice.”

Reid's claim that the ranchers are deadly and dangerous is belied by the fact that the only injury that occurred during the standoffs in Nevada and Oregon was the assassination of one of the ranchers by federal or state agents who gunned him down in cold blood after he exited from his truck when the agents erected a road block in a snow covered, forested area.

There are so many violations and abuses of power in this case that a fitting result would be the arrest and incarceration of Reid, Obama, Navarro, and a host of gestapo-like federal agents who are determined to rule the western lands and silence all objectors. Instead, the government operates with impunity and is driving the people to the brink of extermination.

This is not the United States that was intended by the founders of our nation.





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