The Clintons and Their Own Chinese Foundation

The Clintons and Their Own Chinese Foundation

The Clinton Foundation is spreading like a flesh eating virus in numerous parts of the world, as it has set a up a “Clinton Foundation Hong Kong”, according to Breitbart News, in 2014.  This “China Syndrome”, the dubious financial relationship that the Clintons have with China, along with the $750,000 Bill received for two speeches given to a Chinese government entity and a Chinese business group, while Hillary was Secretary of State, once again demonstrates her unfitness for the office of the President.

Not only is the Clinton Foundation in China, but they have three other foreign foundations as part of the greater BHCC Foundation.  In Kenya, Africa, the William J. Clinton Charitable Trust was started to work on programs within the foundation along side two other foreign foundations which main priority is “fundraising”.

Trump raised the question again of Hillary’s unethical ties and acceptance of money from foreign entities while serving as Secretary of State.  The fact that the Clintons have a separate Clinton Foundation in the U.K. for fundraising and one in Sweden as well, is suspect.  There are no Swedes, save one Swedish attorney, on the board of this subsidiary.  What do the five separate foreign foundations do and how do they benefit the Clinton’s foreign interests?

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