The Clintons and Their Own Chinese Foundation

The Clinton Foundations Chinese subsidiary should create concern in all Americans.  The “work” in China has been fairly irregular but for a decade they have “maintained bank accounts”, as well as foundation offices within the communist country.

The Foundation, from 2007-2008 was responsible for organizing and planning the first Clinton Global Initiative Conference in Hong Kong.  It was at this time, Hillary first ran for president.

During the conference, which occurred in December 2008, after the Presidential election, several Chinese companies and entities announced large financial pledges to underwrite the work of the Clinton Global Initiative.

The Clinton Foundation, though, doesn’t seem to have undertaken significant activities in China following this conference, according to its 990 disclosures. The Foundation maintained bank accounts in the country and, of course, Bill Clinton was paid three quarters of a million dollars by Chinese interests for two speeches in 2011.

The next significant activity was the creation of the Chinese foundation sometime in 2014, just months before Hillary Clinton launched another bid for the White House. Any detail about the activities of the Clintons’ Chinese foundation won’t be available until later this year.

So is Hillary sipping tea with the heads of state in China while exchanging promises for campaign donations?

The Clinton seems to have a “girl in every port” around the world, turning favors in order to influence the heads of state no matter who they are.

Source: Breitbart



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