Clinton’s Anti-Gun Hypocrisy

Clinton’s Anti-Gun Hypocrisy

In the latest finger-wagging hypocrisy from a member of the royal Clinton family, Hillary Clinton has declared that American citizens have no right to the safety and security that she has enjoyed for decades.  One can presume that she had armed protection as the wife of Arkansas governor Bill Clinton, and later as the first lady in the White House. When she served as a Senator of New York from 2001 to 2009, and then as wife of a former U.S. president, she was also surrounded by a security bubble of well-armed Secret Service teams and security details that are second to none in the world of protecting high-profile individuals. It is safe to say that she has not had to worry about her safety and security for many, many years. And yet her current presidential campaign now includes the taking from average citizens the right and ability to protect themselves with much less firepower than she has enjoyed for these many years.

What is it about people who value the lives of ordinary citizens so much less than themselves? And how arrogant are they to think that they can abrogate the Constitutional rights of the people in order to pander to their progressive sycophants?

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