Clinton Foundation Donors Gave IT Technology to Russia

Clinton Foundation Donors Gave IT Technology to Russia

Hillary Clinton’s attempts to paint Donald Trump as a pawn for the Russians have backfired in the most spectacular way possible for the Democratic candidate.

Few Democrats seem to remember, but it wasn’t that long ago when Clinton was singing a very different tune about Russia. Instead of harping on the Russian threat (and the power it supposedly exerts over Trump) like she is wont to do, she went out of her way to endear the US, as a matter of policy, to the country. In fact, one of her first goals as Secretary of State was to pursue a “reset” with Russia.

One of the major parties pushing for this reset was Skolkovo, a Moscow conglomerate that brought together companies from the US, Europe and Russia to exchange space, nuclear, and IT technology. Coincidentally, out of the 28 companies taking part in Skolkovo, 17 either donated to the Clinton Foundation or paid for speeches made by Bill Clinton.

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