Clinton Foundation Donors Gave IT Technology to Russia

The fact that so many of the players at Skolkovo made contributions in some form to the Clintons raises questions about Hillary's Russian reset policy. Did she knowingly facilitate the transfer of sensitive technology to the Russians for her personal benefit? As investigative reporter Peter Schweizer shows, she very likely did:

“'There certainly is an irony that as we are now concerned about Russian cyber-attacks on the US, that the reset played a role in enhancing their cyber-capabilities,' Schweizer said.

In this latest report, as in his book, ‘Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,' Schweizer concedes he found no ‘smoking gun' evidence that any of the donors who poured cash into the Clinton coffers actually were promised, or received, any State Department favors in return.

‘We don’t have an email or a pirated voice mail message saying, ‘We’ll give you money if you help us with Skokovo,’' Schweizer told The Post. ‘But what we do have is a pattern that shows a high percentage of participants in Skolkovo who happen to be Clinton Foundation donors.

‘I think that everybody at the Russian reset table seems to walk away with something,' he added.

‘The Clintons, they get their donations and speaking fees in the millions of dollars. The Russians get access to advanced US technology. The tech companies [that participated in the reset, including Cisco, Intel, Microsoft] get special access to the Russian market and workforce.

‘But the American people get nothing. In fact, we get a rival — Russia — with enhanced technological capabilities. At best, that makes them a tougher competitor [in legitimate commerce],' Schweizer said.

‘At worst, they get a more robust military, with technologies that we helped develop, and that can be sold to our enemies.'

The Clinton Foundation is sure to be a sore spot in Hillary’s campaign for the presidency, Schweizer predicted — tainted as it is, despite its laudable philanthropy.

‘At the entire Democratic convention, they did not mention the Clinton Foundation once,' he said. ‘And it’s been the Clintons’ life work for 16-plus years.'

The Clinton campaign did not respond to requests from The Post for comment on the report.

‘All I ask is that people look at the money. Who made the deals, who benefited from the deals,' Schweizer said. ‘We can’t get inside people’s heads as to why they did something, but we should follow the money.'”

Source: NY Post



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