Clinton Foundation Actively Communicated with HBO Host John Oliver

According to a leaked email one of Hillary Clinton’s many cronies, the Clinton Foundation sought to establish a rapport with Oliver back in 2015, presumably to “discuss” how he should handle certain topics. Of course, this would hardly be the first time Democrats got caught trying to dictate how media personalities should present material: WikiLeaks previously published documents indicating MSNBC host Chuck Todd took marching orders from the Democratic National Committee so to speak:

“The email was sent on February 19, 2015 by Greg Propper, an advisor to The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Its recipients included Sarah Henning, Director of Programs at the Clinton Foundation, and Capricia Marshal, who served as served as chief of protocol from 2009 to 2013 under Secretary Clinton at the State Department.

The email, which was sent to Henning’s ‘’ address, is entitled, ‘We’ve made contact with John Olivier’ and the body of the email reads, ‘And his team is working on it. Hope to have an answer tomorrow.’

The name “Oliver” is misspelled in the title of the email, although the context makes it clear that the email is in reference to the comedian. There is no ‘John Olivier” on record that the Clinton Foundation would likely have contacted.


Oliver’s show premiered in April 2014. A search of the Last Week TonightYouTube channel reveals that Oliver first began attacking Trump in February 2016 after the Republican candidate won three primary states.

Many conservatives have questioned why Oliver has failed to deliver even a single monologue attacking Hillary Clinton, who would be easy fodder given the number of scandals that have swirled around her candidacy. Even Oliver’s mentor, John Stewart, would occasionally go after Democrats.

Is the answer to that question because Oliver has been friendly with the Clintons since almost a year before the election campaign even began?

Source: Infowars



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