Clinton Campaign Uses Child Actress for Town Hall Q&A

During the follow-up Q&A session, Banks called on a young girl in the audience to ask her question. Reading from what appeared to be notes, the girl asked Hillary what she would do to combat the “negativity” surrounding women and their body image supposedly encouraged by Donald Trump and others.

As cringe-inducing as her question was, it was nothing compared to what was discovered about the girl herself. Her name is Brennan Leach, and she is an actress who works with an agency no more than 31 miles away from where the town hall was being held:

Her name is Brennan Leach.
She has her own IMBD actor’s page.

Young Brennan even has a resume!

Hillary planted a child actor to ask a question at her pathetic little rally.
That’s how DISHONEST this woman is!

Via Real Vinnie James and Katie:

See the video for yourself:


Source: The Gateway Pundit



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