Clinton-Blumenthal Tied to 2nd Dossier in New FBI Document Dump

If your head was swimming with revelations about the Steele Dossier and the origins of that collection of Russian misinformation that was directly financed by Hillary's campaign and the DNC, you'll have to expand your scope of understanding for the latest bombshell.

A new dump of documents from the FBI that has been declassified and made public spells out in no uncertain terms that a second Trump Dossier was also being financed through a shadowy connection with Hillary Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal and Fusion GPS founder, Glenn Simpson!

Turn to the following page to read this explosive new information that not only reveals the genesis of the salacious second dossier, but rolls up the entire Russia-Collusion hoax into a Clinton-Blumenthal Libyan deal that promised a massive payday for both!




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