Clinton-Blumenthal Tied to 2nd Dossier in New FBI Document Dump

The old saying goes, “Once a thief, always a thief,” but to paraphrase this about Hillary Clinton, “Once a liar, always a liar,” is more accurate. Lies are infectious things. If you tell one lie, you’re forced to tell another to cover the first, then another, and another…until finally, the ball of deception explodes and all the skeletons contained within come hurtling out into the public eye.

A newly released trove of over 400 pages of documents has been declassified and implicates the FBI in a very revealing way. A constant cry for help has been issued by Judicial Watch from the very start of this Russia-Collusion hoax. Led by Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch has been instrumental in outing many of the details about the hoax through a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that have been devastating to the Deep State community.

We are all familiar with the Deep State bad actors’ names and a quick rundown of that list plays like a Who’s Who in the criminal annals of the federal government. Yet, not a one of them has faced the music. That is, until now.

Judicial Watch was the group that had initially uncovered the Hillary Clinton private email server through its dogged search for the truth. That situation, which ultimately led to the Benghazi hearings as well, began the serious chain of events which stopped at the very doorstep of the Russia-Collusion hoax by the Obama administration.

As it turns out, though, the Russia-Collusion hoax was a result of, and not a product of, the loss of the presidency by Hillary Clinton. The newly released declassified documents reveal that the FBI willfully ignored information about a curious Libyan business deal that involved both Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal.

Real Clear Investigations:

Records recently posted online by the FBI indicate that it did little to investigate allegations from private sources connected to Republicans about a scheme in which associates of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to exploit their connection to her to profit from the turmoil in Libya in 2011.

The FBI received the documents in June 2016, around the same time it launched an exhaustive, three-year investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia based, in part, on information from private sources connected to Democrats that in the main would prove to be false – the Steele dossier.

The bureau’s different responses to these documents also came during the same period when FBI Director James B. Comey controversially cleared Clinton, in his first of two exonerations, of criminal wrongdoing in the bureau’s probe of her unauthorized and insecure email setup.

The documents, quietly released as part of the FBI’s case files for the “Midyear Exam,” its code name for the Clinton email investigation, revive a lingering mystery from Clinton’s tenure as the nation’s chief diplomat: Why did Sidney Blumenthal, the former journalist and Bill Clinton White House aide, send her a series of detailed memos and reports about Libya beginning in 2011?

The documents offer an answer. They allege that Blumenthal sent the emails as a “quid pro quo” to free up classified State Department financial intelligence to help Libya recover as much as $66 billion spirited offshore by slain strongman Moammar Gadhafi.

Out of that, Blumenthal and associates stood to gain a brokers’ cut of perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sidney Blumenthal, as you may recall, was the man who had, in the words of former US Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC), “unfettered access to” Hillary Clinton. During the Benghazi hearings, Gowdy famously went after Clinton on this very point. Why did a man with no experience in Libya, and who was denied a job in the State Department by the Obama administration because of his shady past, have seemingly unlimited access to Madam Secretary, while Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who lost his life at an unsecured embassy in Benghazi, had zero access?

The answer to that question is now clear as these files released by the FBI literally spell out the reasons. In order for Blumenthal to secure the “finder’s fee” for these illegal offshore accounts, he would need special access to information only granted through the State Department.

Hillary’s State Department.

However, since he was denied employment by the Obama administration (and vented his frustration about this through email exchanges with Hillary) it would require one piece of the puzzle not yet in place. Hillary must be president.

That one piece of the puzzle would not arrive until 2015 when Hillary announced her intention of running for president. At that moment, Blumenthal set about the beginning of the construction of an anti-Trump Dossier that would discredit him and force the American people to make but one terrifying choice: President-Elect Hillary Clinton.

Read on the next page about the origins of this 2nd Trump Dossier and how other Clinton aides and operatives were intimately involved in its fabrication and dissemination throughout all levels of the government!




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