This is What Civil War Would Look Like in Modern America

The Civil War II has already arrived!  At least, that's what Rush Limbaugh once said.  He's convinced that the Left will do just about anything to completely eradicate the history of this great country.  With reasoning that is beyond belief.

But is a second Civil War really possible?


It's a scary thought, isn't it?  Think about the ramifications of that statement for a moment.  Think about your everyday life right now.

Throughout your day, you meet people in your neighborhood, your local McDonald's or Dunkin' Donuts, school, work, in the park and you never really get to know who everyone is or what they stand for or how they feel about any given issue in our nation's current events.


What would happen if you could know what everyone thought at any given moment about the events that have been unfolding in our nation recently?  Would you find new friends?  New enemies?

There is one way to know all of this and that is – civil war.

Imagine your neighborhood right now.  You do know that Jim and Mary down the street are dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters.  You know that Marcie is a Bernie supporter.  Then, there's Danny who's an Obama supporter.  And Bree who adores Hillary.  Jack and Hildie are Cruz people.  There's even Selena who actually supports Kasich (believe it or not).  Philip loves Jeb, and Lilly pumps her fist for Warren.  Michael goes to the mat for Mitt, and Yusef is a Stein supporter.

But during a civil war…things are vastly different.  All of these diverse people with various motivations find common friends and common enemies.  And that's when the two sides are decided and lines of demarcation are drawn.  Jim and Mary get together with Jack and Hildie and decide to leave town with their kids because Marcie, Danny, Bree, Selena, Philip, Lilly, Michael and Yusef are talking openly about firebombing the houses of Nazi Fascists!  Now, they haven't specifically named Jim, Mary, Jack and Hildie, but how long before they are also labeled as the enemy?  The kids of Danny, Selena, Philip and Yusef are friends with the children of Jim and Mary, but not anymore.  That kind of fraternization can't be allowed.  This is war.



Jim and Mary, Jack and Hildie are stopped at the border between Pennsylvania and West Virginia because the militia running things in that state want to make sure that the folks coming in are the “right types of folks.”  After Jim, Jack and Hildie show their voting cards to prove that they're Republicans, Mary is held up.  She didn't vote in the last election.

Jim vouches for her and swears that she has never voted, but she's definitely a Right-winger.  The guards aren't buying it.  They inform Mary that she's not getting in!  Jim is frustrated and decides to join his wife with their kids and stay in Pennsylvania where the conditions are worsening by the day.  Jack and Hildie don't want to risk staying in the Keystone State (which is no longer the Keystone State since someone on the Left decided that the word Keystone denotes something that is more important than all the rest and that can't be tolerated).


They say their goodbyes and Jim and Mary decide that they're going to try to get into Ohio instead.  The road is long and they'll most likely run into checkpoints where their voting cards will be required.  That's a risk they'll have to take.


News on the state-controlled media has confirmed the overnight raids and arrests of Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin and thousands of Conservative writers and activists.  Milo Yiannopolous has fallen off the radar, and both Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are also off the grid, but the search is ongoing.  Mark Steyn was captured at the border in Vermont attempting to escape into Canada, but an agreement between the US and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau ensured that any border jumpers would be extradited immediately back to America.


The President has not addressed the nation in a week, nor has he been seen in or about the Oval Office, but the Vice President has addressed the nation to allow the National Guard to enter their homes and search for Right-wing Fascists.  The conventional wisdom among Right-wingers is that Pence is under duress, as the recordings are never live.

The entire presidential Cabinet is missing in action and many US Representatives and a handful of Senators are also detained and are being questioned about their loyalties and their recent contacts.  The Attorney General has been temporarily replaced with Robert Mueller.  The Supreme Court has been sequestered and case backlogs have been suspended for now.  A nationwide curfew has been set for 7:00 p.m.  Many “rebel” states are not yet in compliance.


The border between West Virginia and Virginia have been shored up.  Rumors are flying that airstrikes may begin at any moment in 17 of the militia-rich states.  Three militias have already been willingly absorbed by the “loyalist” American government forces in Vermont, New York and Minnesota.  In Maine, Connecticut and California, fierce fighting has been pointed to where militia has directly been confronted by the National Guard.  So far, the news is saying that everything is well-in-hand for the Republic, but the Right has confirmed that in both Maine and Connecticut, it appears that the National Guard may, in fact, be pulling out of the states completely with Leftist lawmakers in both of those states being detained for trade with Right-wing leaders.


In Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Kentucky, the National Guard has actually flipped and has now officially joined the side of the rebel Right-wing.  Senator John McCain has been on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News to implore the Arizona National Guard to lay down their arms and surrender to nearby New Mexico troops, but reports are spotty that former Texas National Guardsmen (who have renamed themselves the Alamo Light Infantry) are harassing New Mexico National Guardsmen so that there's a good possibility that the Land of Enchantment may ultimately fall under the rule of Texas.

Meanwhile, a combined Montana-Idaho force has been said to be moving into an area near eastern Washington and they're reporting no resistance at this time.  The hope is to take significant port cities of Bellingham and Seattle.  Loyalists troops are suspected to be moving to intercept from the Yakima Military Training Center.  In Alaska, both Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Wainwright Military Base are both said to have gone dark after declaring their alliance with the rebels.

North Dakota elements have reported that movement of paramilitary units has been noted north on the Manitoba Canadian border.  Mexico has pledged assistance to the loyalist government and vows to see 20,000 troops over into New Mexico to assist them against incursions by Texas.  Nebraskans and Kansans have joined their forces to block Minnesotans from moving toward Illinois where a huge skirmish is being reported in Chicago.  Apparently, Chicagoans have risen up and taken the Leftist government there, but the Chicagoans are installing a separatist Communist government and are resisting talks with Washington DC leaders.  Democrat lawmakers in DC have been holed up there, unable to move up or down the Eastern Seaboard due to air traffic being grounded.

Police departments throughout much of the United States have joined with militias and rebels.  Military leaders in Washington are meeting for a plan of operations against their own nation.


George Soros steps in to advise the United Nations on a course of action for the US since its unrest is appearing to become a full-blown war.  Speaker Ryan is temporarily elevated to President of the United States now that Vice President Pence is under investigation for espionage and collusion.  Barack Hussein Obama announces that he believes it would be better to nominate a Vice President who was from the other party to keep things fair and Kamala Harris is nominated and wins approval in the now-majority Senate.


North Korea has opted to launch a full-scale invasion of South Korea, while Russia takes advantage of the turmoil in the US by passively entering Ukraine and “replacing its government with an interim ruling body.”  China and India begin skirmishing on its borders as Pakistan readies to take advantage of the Indian government's distraction to its south.  Cuba is lending increased support to Venezuela's Maduro to ensure a dictatorship completion.

The European Union is calling an emergency session to discuss the worldwide ramifications of a United States in Civil War.  There are whispers that the Federal Reserve may freeze all US assets to forego a collapse of the US Dollar.

Hamas has launched a series of ballistic missiles on Tel Aviv, Haifa, Elat, Ashdod and Netanya.  Israel has responded with airstrikes into the Gaza territories and Lebanon.  Syria is once again rattling the saber and threatening rebels in the Raqqa outlying areas.

ISIS reenters Mosul from the west with a massive force and support from Pakistan.  The Vatican calls a special envoy to the US to intervene.  Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Scandinavian nations are declaring neutrality in the US Civil War.  Ireland declares it stands with the rebels.  Australia remains with the loyalists.  African nations declare solidarity as well with the loyalists and are willing to provide assistance.  Ethiopia will support the rebels.


Maine forces manage to take down parts of the power grid on the Eastern half of the US, effectively grounding many US air force fighters and surveillance aircraft.  Smart weaponry is in those regions is ineffectual and guidance systems are down.  Communications and the internet is cut off.  Runners are needed to get messages in and out of large metropolitan areas.  Short-wave radios are looted from local stores.

Water and food supplies are also looted and weapons are rampant through the eastern half of the US in the hands of civilians and former police officers and militia.  National Guardsmen are ordered to engage rebels.  Forces are pulled back from international stations to the US to assist in keeping order.

Satellite information begins to falter.  West coast power grid fails.  Texas is still operating and becomes the headquarters for the rebels.  Underground networks are set up and assaults begin town to town, city to city.  Bodies begin to litter the landscape.

Where will you hide?  What is your plan?

What would Civil War in this nation look in the United States today?  Who knows?  But are we ready for the terrible aftermath and the rebuilding…if there is any?



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