Citizen Watchdog Group Monitors Jade Helm

Former marine Pete Lanteri helped to organize a group of volunteers that will be on the ground monitoring the exercises with cell phone and video cameras. According to Fox News:

Pete Lanteri, a former Marine now living in Arizona, told that volunteer members he's helped organize will be on the ground as part of a newly formed surveillance campaign called “Counter Jade Helm.” A product of mounting suspicions across western states over the exercise itself, the group has been set up to locate, track and observe U.S. soldiers – Green Berets, Air Force Special Ops, Navy SEALs — training across the Southwest.

The three-month military exercise kicks off Wednesday. Lanteri played down the notion that the “counter” campaign could lead to conflict.

“We’re not paranoid tin-hat wearing freaks,” Lanteri told “We’re not going to be out there confronting people or holding signs.”

Rather, Lanteri and his volunteers will be in plain clothes, in plain sight and armed with only cell phones and video cameras, he says.

He plans to travel to central Texas over the weekend to help kick off the “Counter Jade Helm” project. He said California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Mississippi, Florida and Utah also are among the states participating in the counter-missions; there have been conflicting reports about which specific states Jade Helm will be in, though the operation appears to concentrate in the Southwest.

“I did this because A: I believe in monitoring what the government does and B: I see this as a training opportunity,” Lanteri, who has spent a decade working on the Arizona-Mexico border, said.

In addition to ordinary citizens, more high-profile people like local law enforcement in Texas as well as presidential candidate Ted Cruz are wary of the exercises.

GOP 2016 presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, reportedly “reached out to the Pentagon” about Operation Jade Helm. Cruz’s office did not return requests by for additional details this week.

Are the Jade Helm exercises something that might be more sinister than they look or are they just routine military exercises and nothing more?

Source: Fox News



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