Chris Matthews: Donald Trump Should Kill Jared Kushner

Chris Matthews: Donald Trump Should Kill Jared Kushner

The left used to love saying that Donald Trump incites violence — now that he's in the White House, however, the left have adopted the same tactics they used to oppose.

Of course, the idea that Trump was personally inciting violence at his rallies was never true to begin with. Considering it was his supporters that generally came under attack from rioters, this was obvious to anyone who cared about facts over narrative. But the press never cares about facts when it comes to Trump, so they made the accusations anyway.

The narrative came back last week, when Trump posted a humorous video of him “body slamming” CNN. The video was originally part of a WWE event Trump took part in. The left called the video violent. Apparently, nobody ever told them that the WWE is fake.

But what isn't fake is the real violence the media seem to be pushing against members of the Trump administration. Even mainstream outlets are getting in on it.

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