Chomsky: New NATO Aims To Control The World, Could Spark Nuclear War

Here we are in a new cold war with Russia and Obama’s sanctions have done nothing but push Russia closer to China.

“Current Western policies are driving Russia towards closer interaction with the Chinese-based system. In this interaction Russia is actually the weaker partner, so it’s making concessions, but the US is openly creating a system of power, which could significantly diminish US domination in the world,” states Chomsky.

Now the U.S. is creating the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is a huge, secretive commercial agreement involving Asian countries, but excluding China.

It doesn’t take a genius to see isolating Russia and China, allowing them to form an alliance together with an anti-American agenda, is not exactly a path we would want to follow.

But if you are communist infiltrator, then creating such a scenario does make perfect sense, doesn’t it?




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